Talking red carpet fashion, family & more with Joan & Melissa Rivers!
  • katiecouricTalking red carpet fashion, family & more with Joan & Melissa Rivers!

  • fayth435Joan Rivers needs to stop with the plastic surgery...:/ her daughter and you, Katie look great!:)
  • chynagirl1❤❤❤ all 👍👍👍
  • jenine215Joan rivers looks good to be like hundred with all that plastic surgery. @komerican10
  • mamoosieLove them all. Watched @joanrivers as a kid n Sullivan. Thought she was brilliant. Still do. Thanks @katiecouric
  • gboone63Joan can you even move your mouth??? I think you've had too much plastic surgery.👎 Katie your so cute 🌟🌟
  • lillilybetaCool .
  • kikishafferLove your show Katie... And love Joan and her daughter... They are so much fun!! Who cares if she has surgery.... Everyone in Hollywood has some sort of procedure... Although when I watched your show on that poor woman who lost her life for lipo.. Will never do surgery !
  • tateranaterhave you ever had a time in your life where you just didnt feel okay? Or you felt lost in your own body. like there was no escape? My birth name is katelynn, but i go by tate now. life is hard when youre 14 and are a transgender. i saw your show and it inspired me to wrirte you. id just like to get my story out for any other struggling kids like me. I have quiet a large family. 7 people in a small house. but i have bigger problems. i was born in the wrong body. mom says shed do anything to help me.. change me.. but the things i want are too much. i tell her all the time its not her fault. shes always so worried about me. i guess if i was a mother i would be too. ive tried suicide twice.. simply for the fact that i dont like my body and mom says i have to wait till i can afford my own top surgery. but i just cant. i cry every night because im uncomfortable with who i am. im afraid of going out in public. im tired of wearing a binder everyday to feel okay. im so uncomfortable with my body at this point that i dont even go to school. the first day i came out, i came out on facebook to all my friends to see. i didnt lose many people but i got called hurtfull names. i knew about two years ago when i went on tumblr as a boy. id tuck my hair up in a hat and i felt comfortable.. accepted. although in the real world i wasnt okay, so i started to self-harm. here recently my mom found out and im doing a lot bettter. i still think about it a lot when i get upset with my body. id be a a happy person if i could just get the money i need to follow through with my surgeries and be the person i want to be, im tired of crying and being so helpless that i cant change a thing. i really hope you see this because it would mean the world if you got back to me about this topic.
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