"Where is the ski lesson house?" @mammothmountain
  • tonyhawk"Where is the ski lesson house?" @mammothmountain

  • shitmemes10Stfu tonyhawk is a legend and always will be
  • gavinandlandonsdad@spudbud_891 only a little shithead promoting a pussy ass scooter site would say bad things about a legend! By the time your little punkass is @tonyhawk s age you will be homeless eating your own shit and drinking your own piss! Why don't you use your own account instead of creating an account to hide behind! Step up and show who you are!
  • spudbud_891Screw off haters y'all don't have my scoot swag
  • spudbud_891@gvnsdad @finkcom @phinmoo @jamesdavies98 @jamesfabbi26
  • marine24@vitalesweets oh wow, it really does. :( I miss little Lola. Time flys.
  • gavinandlandonsdadYour site isn't even worth a shit! How about you post one picture of your punk ass doing something worth a shit and someone will give you respect! You need to learn what a hater is! You started hating and now can't handle the backlash. How about you go ask your mommy wash your pink polka dot panties so you will have something to wear to daycare tomorrow! You are just a disrespectful little ass hole!
  • finkcom@spudbud_891 also Mr. Hawk gave us 10grand for FDR(the best place on earth) maybe you've heard of it,stop by and show us your "skills"
  • wacomeSwag.........ha silly nigger youth, one day you will grow up
  • badnaruk@wacome at what point did it become necessary to use the n word on a post about @tonyhawk s daughter? Seriously guys
  • azizaazulThe window seat is always the best! 😊
  • kdbearAgreed. :/ @roblosborn
  • the_og_cheerioMan @homebymorning you need to do that on your own time and not on tony hawks
  • the_og_cheerioAnd yea the window seat is the best
  • sena1725Awww! So cute <3 :)
  • beard_kidМордашка )))
  • the_og_cheerioMan @homemorning you sure to have alt of problems i think tony would be very glad about what i said and man you are just a stupid another angry leprican so shut up
  • the_og_cheerioShut up AND JUST because someone else says it doesn't mean you need to say it to and it was his or hers opinion so now what so we stop and don't talk
  • the_og_cheerio@homebymorning
  • crimenth_inchermosa tu hijq =]
  • allison_rodriquezI wish I was in the snow
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