Henry's (rough draft) movie critique of The Hulk. 
Sorry, Mark Ruffalo.
  • kellyoxfordHenry's (rough draft) movie critique of The Hulk.
    Sorry, Mark Ruffalo.

  • xoxojessica@kellyoxford I'd love to see more movie play-by-plays from Henry on your blog
  • mcfly1982Looks like my writing
  • mcfly1982Except better
  • kellyoxford@xoxojessica yes!! Am planning back to the future!! He saw it 4 years ago but can't remember it!
  • kellyoxfordWhoa... @mcfly1982 was in between those comments...
  • mcfly1982Lol^^^^ I think he'll give bttf a more favorable review :)
  • hollenhorsAccurate. Better than 95% of comics journalism.
  • wordwarthreeI work at Marvel - please post the whole review on your tumblr! Hope he likes the new animated show
  • sferrara88Whispering voice: "Bruce?"
  • alliekalisCouldn't agree more. Fuck a mark ruffalo film
  • fizzwizardWasn't Mark Ruffalo it was ol Eric Bana if he's talking about the boooooring Hulk Film :)
  • cm2o2its eric bana😁
  • taraharrisonBea needs a reality show and Henry, a film blog.
  • isaacsplodingThat wasn't Ang Lee's best film, but still... It was an Ang Lee film!!
  • amargoWell now I know where I am going for my film critiques/suggestions. Don't we all just hate when it's "supposed to be an action movie and it's all talk talk talk! "
  • cinephilefilmIt also could have been the Edward Norton version.
  • blonde_and_bounderYeah Mark Ruffalo never had his own full length Hulk feature...I actually love him in The Avengers :)
  • ch0mp3rsA++. I want to read it all, could You please post a picture showing it all?
  • mostlydeafApologizing to Mark Ruffalo for this is the same as apologizing to Lou Ferrigno for this.
  • lassothemoon@hello_blanca
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