This fb fan page is a poser. Pls avoid being fooled. Thanks!
  • iamrichardyapThis fb fan page is a poser. Pls avoid being fooled. Thanks!

  • sweetyzeth24Its okay sir chief we understand n mrami tlaga fake n account sna lng wag ng manira ng tao
  • denmark108Ok ser chief
  • kiervegiraosiguro fan page lang yan sir @iamrichardyap? but noted na po :) hihi kasi pinipost nya yung private pics eh. sige block nlng po yan para wala ng problema kami na po bahala dun sir :)
  • _champaka_Buti pa si @iamrichardyap sumasagot sa mga tanong ng fans. I'm a super fan from madrid,spain. :-) Te quiero mucho, sir chief!
  • maipascualNoted po. Thanks Sir Chief for replying :)
  • icefrizz@iamrichardyap hindi kompleto araw pag walang bwmh here in SG..after a tiring day feel unwind and relaxed and looking forward for another episode..sana punta ka na rin d2 with Maya..^^
  • jef2_aSunget ni ser chief, kalma po
  • prettybaby1101Hope to see you in personal !!!
  • iammaricarsaludhi! ser chief, may Canada tour po ba kayo? saan sa Canada?@iamrichardyap
  • judyrueHope u come to Calgary Canada
  • ice_creamom@iamrichardyap watching sound of music, my daughter is telling maria and capt.vontrapp, kayo ang pinoy version ni Maya.:)
  • misscremebrulee@iamrichardyap Hi PapaChief! This is Claire (SF) from Twitter! Happy to see you here! Tweet-tweet na lang :-)
  • itsmemahoUnlike ko n nga din..akala k p namn c sir chief talaga un..godbless po sir
  • fgomez98They're a fan page, so I guess it's okay. They really should change their name and as long as they're not pretending to be you, there's nothing wrong with that. They're just your supporters. :-)
  • wrenzeee@iamrichardyap hi my mom and I are big fan of yours.Please visit Alaska sometime, many filipinos here love you and your teleserye😊🙏 take care 😊
  • jacqchan24@fgomez98 unfortunately, this poser pretends to be him or at least connected to him, ask people if they want a set visit and ask for their personal details. #fooling #wrong
  • fgomez98@jacqchan24 Then in that case, it's wrong. I hope someone does something about it.
  • jacqchan24@fgomez98 Yes. So this is really warning everyone just in case he/she pulls it again. 😰
  • camille081997maybe he or she is just a fan let it be ! nothing is wrong with it.
  • jersheyjeangaling sa google yung BIO hahaha .. noted po ..
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