GM Rick Smith speaking at podium in Indianapolis at the #NFLCombine.
  • houstontexansGM Rick Smith speaking at podium in Indianapolis at the #NFLCombine.

  • co.k3oki__@armyslingblade im not saying pick him up and start him! Im saying for competitive reasons, or use him for some pistol offense look at the success in the league
  • co.k3oki__@noza2012 i guess we can say that, because come to think of it. He got in alot of trouble before he was released into free agency
  • samuelfuertesWe need a better secondary.
  • milesfisher6Get Alex smith from San Fran for 3rd round pick
  • gvloveladyAlex smith? Tell me you're kidding
  • mrs_tina_marieDraft Well, TEXANS!!!
  • captn_guerreroAlex Smith cmon guys it was a bit bust for SF as their starter whats gonna make him any better here!!!!
  • milesfisher6@gvlovelady no he's a good player what do u think?
  • gvloveladyAlex smith is a babysitter. Schaub isn't our problem
  • milesfisher6@gvlovelady than who is he all ways spikes it when he gets rushed Alex can Throw and run thAt better than Schaub sorry I like Schaub but texans need to get better
  • _ceemayne_Go texans!!
  • mikelittle0407Schaub is part of the problem, he needs to learn how to extend the play if it doesn't go off on time. The other part of the problem is the play calling , it sux!!!
  • tx911@mikelittle0407 extend the play? How about we start with Schaub not being scared of his ow shadow. Then we can talk about extending plays. If he didn't fall down in the fetal position every time someone gets close to him, he'd have more opportunities to complete passes
  • texaz15Im a huge texans fan and ido think schaub is part of the problem he not confident enough at times
  • the_ahsanAlex Smith would be a good add as the Texans qb.
  • billy__mooreAny way you look at it... He is still better than romo
  • frankdrew88Alex smith
  • squick_54Loves the Texans. Hate Schuab. Hes the only qb in the league who can't/wont/is scared to run the ball. Great passer but if you can't scramble to prevent a sack and neg yards, you should not be a starting qb....just my opinion. Houstons running game is only as good as the o-line. Foster is not an elite running back, but a good one...especially since he can catch the ball. We need a young/FAST receiver who is a major deep theat and a legit cb who can stick to the opposing star wr like glue. Need qb who would kick the o-line in the ass when they need it (leader) and I like Kubiak but he needs to kick some players in the ass when they need it too...light a fire under their ass!! GO TEXANS!!!
  • sugabiscuitThe majority of these comments make me want to delete my ig account. "...Erroneous! Erroneous on all accounts!" I'm so glad not one of you works for any kind of journalism or a job that requires knowledge about football, for you and your families would starve...
  • rannonh2kquick54 u suck schuab passed 4 over 4000 yards & Foster is beast
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