The savage combination of nutrients I devour every morning to keep the freak party running at full throttle
  • joeroganThe savage combination of nutrients I devour every morning to keep the freak party running at full throttle

  • berktBut in some Supradyn Energy there, that shit's crazy
  • matt.johnson1Where do you buy the Athletic Pure Packs from?
  • chase_allen89Joe I want to email you a idea I had to propose to my girlfriend. Wanted to do it when your in town and maybe we could coordinate it with a venue and work it in as a skit. It would be a dream if we could do this
  • mgandlinJoe you silly B! You got me experimenting with all sorts of onnit goods! Also can not live without my new blend tec blender!! I've been missing out! Love the podcast. Thanks!
  • ljesseltineJoe. YouTube vid of you making kale shake... There's KFC in your fridge!!! Trader!!!! Xox
  • kaitlin_tattoosEver tried Amazing Grass Superfood for your spirulina and chlorella?
  • breelove100Alpha brain is the shit, it's just too expensive to get so little of it!!!
  • ms_noelani@joeroganexperience Just a ? if you have a min. My bf just had ACL surgery & his bday is next week. I got him shroom tech sport. Will that help with his rehab?
  • jessexcruz@_jcceja do you even supplement, bro?
  • matt.johnson1Whats in this shake, Joe? Doesn't look like the normal kale shake a.k.a 'hulk loads'?
  • mbpbear@mcdanger_us @el_esv @vincentplus10
  • bigflynn93@andrearitchey this is what I take & it's amazingggggg
  • iamclarissagarzaMy bf takes these and is obsessed with you, we saw you in austin! @joeroganexperience we stayed after and I asked for a hug and my bf probably mentioned magic mushrooms:)
  • livinglifefully23@joeroganexperience its all about the krill oil
  • cindyb1210@aceshigh1980
  • dustinjbaker315I can't see what the supplements are?
  • _adi_lazarYou ALSO need a multi vitamin, that has 1,000 units of D in it! It's a must!
  • mrcombover@joeroganexperience Hope you know you've inspired me (Angelo from Seattle) to stop being such a weak bitch, I needed that. I'm working Onnit. Don't stop the podcast. Keep up the great work! I'm an aircraft mechanic for Boeing. Your podcast is like my fuel while I'm working on these 737s. Holler atcha boy.
  • pbodangles@joebotelho67
  • joshua.carlucciYou're an inspirational human being!
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