• mynewrootsCrackers!

  • babsieburgersHmmmm!! Looks delicious!! They have these cinnamon pita triangles at Joans on third in LA, please try them and could you make your version of them? ;-)
  • allencsternLooks amazing!
  • tarapakostaHow'd you make those?!
  • msampfordYum, how do you make these?
  • madebyhankhappy crackers! tried this recipe + love them! thanks for sharing
  • mamakasssCrazy-good crackers!
  • msampford@madebyhank thanks I thought they were happy crackers but wasn't sure.
  • mynewrootsThey are in fact NOT happy crackers but a very good new recipe. You'll see very soon!
  • sweetpotatosoulYummy!! I love your cracker recipes :)
  • mywholefoodromanceCan't wait to try crackers!
  • megangaleAwesome!
  • caramaycoatsYum so good! Looking forward to the tutorial, just made the beetroot/rice traveling meal for lunch, amazing!!! Thanks heaps xxx
  • wheretogowhattoeatWe adore you! Sarah you are such a huge inspiration! Gosh just reading your about me on your site sounds like a dream. Absolutely LOVE you work. Sophie @ Abbie xxxxxxxxx
  • sofiamgalvaoYum. Looking forward to the recipe. Going on a car trip next week and I already have all the ingredients for at least a 1st healthy day. :)
  • jessillynn@mynewroots how do you get enough b12 I'm having a hard time and have been vegetarian for 9months.
  • spicedallison@jessillynn take a supplement. Add nutritional yeast to ur diet
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