#rp @mistercheatham from me talking at camp this morning, headed back now!
  • cp3#rp @mistercheatham from me talking at camp this morning, headed back now!

  • carlrowensI was there cp3 is cool
  • gerald_savoie50This is a basketball camp? If so where at?
  • _jacobrobinson_1472Man I'm here man Jacob Robinson bakersfield Cali
  • haydentanabeTHE MAP IN ORANGE COUNTY
  • haydensteinwegWhen are these camps? @cp3
  • chaz35clI was there
  • joieferreiraYou're so amazing ☺💕
  • j.loadinggg2You are my favorite player i want to be just like u people call lil chris pail because i dribble like you shoot like you and layup like you
  • mrpeter4I was there watching my son at the camp
  • marisa_hoopsOmg i was there
  • easymoney_sniper23Chauncey billups camp is better!! Right @cp3??😫
  • goat.for.lifeLook for me I'm gonna do aau next year for 5th grade @cp3
  • wolfpack_evanI was there #Jason
  • ben_jam_in30Hey Chris if u see this message this will be awae but we were just thinking if u could come to our school in yuba city a small place in California and we wanted to know if u could come and teach us some things next pls oh and p.s. your the best point guard ever I want to be just like u
  • kaelcarlossI remember this it was so fun
  • carterbegue13How many people were there
  • haannnahh.ngguyeenHI CHRIS! I AM UR BIGGEST FAN! I was at your camp in group 7. PLEASE do the camp again next year at The Map..
  • sean_m123Hey bro I'm a big fan, you're one of the best guards ever man..and I'm coming to watch the Clips vs the Bulls,Heat,and Spurs this season at staples 👌🏀
  • carson.n_I was there 2. 👌😂🏀
  • kaelcarloss@ballfurlife33 remeber this doe
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