Mingo, @chrisbrown and me  in the lab at #dzt #comptoncompound #paintlife
  • og_slickMingo, @chrisbrown and me in the lab at #dzt #comptoncompound #paintlife

  • og_slickPaint session fer charity.....
  • frosty9d2@apeshitsilly yup bunch of busters And posers
  • nervskyhighbout time someone teaches this kid something about real Graff. do your thing Slick!
  • og_slickEasy peoples, it's fer a good cause, raise money fer 2 charities 🙏
  • sm1_graffitiI wanna paint with Chris brown!!!! 😁😁😁 😔 I'm pretty danm jealous right now :/
  • robcarlyonI think Chris Brown is pretty good. Good stuff with the charities. @og_slick
  • grafeedee"Fuck Chris brown"...ill knock him out and tag on his face...
  • simplekillsHaha dope!!
  • mayrac830Breezy!! :)
  • misstina_k@_wam So true Lol!
  • air_lopezHe fuckin sucks mannn. He needs to get off this lane n start fuckin painting or drawing cuz this graff ain't for him. Charity or not, ppl buy his "art" jus cuz of his name. Lets be real
  • deville17@og_slick keep it 100 and @chrisbrown fuck haters bro and some funky ass 10$
  • ohsobella1There are some pretty pathetic posts here!! Haters all day long... Get your game up and do you and stop hating on every good thing somebody try to do.. #hatingassidiots
  • ohsobella1Haters are just jealous that you weren't asked to do it instead!!
  • andrewhemI saw him rolling by my studio that day in an orange Lamborghini.
  • livelovelaynAmen !!! You couldnt have said it any better. @ohsobella1 & @_wam ! Chris is not borthering anybody ! This man is just trying to live his life & move on from the past. Let him do what he enjoys & stop worrying about him. If y'all spent half as much time doing something productive other than slandering him, I'm pretty sure y'all could be on his level. & @2hizzler Chris does A LOT of Charity work, in the spotlight & out of it. He OWN time & money goes into it as well as the money from his fans and supporters ! So speak on what you know & not what you "think" you know.
  • og_slick#chrisbrown #teambreezy
  • chrisbrownfordays@livelovelayn Omg. I love you lmao. PERFECTLY said . 👌
  • bigmingoThat's hard Slick....
  • lahleesiPffft, I hope his artwork is better than his music
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