THANK YOU @MTV & Teen Mom 2 crew! πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‚
  • kaillowryTHANK YOU @MTV & Teen Mom 2 crew! πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‚

  • jaycee1007@kaillowry who knows if you will actually see, or read this. I'm sure ur getting a lot if shit from last nights episode on dr. Drew. Okay. I understand Being a mom and blocking everything negative out of his life, that's awesome. But idk vee personally but I can see she loves Jo & issac. The same way Javi loves you and Issac. Jo Is the best dad on the show, or he seems to be...I HIGHLY doubt you have nething to worry about. Like she said it was a lonnnnngg time ago. As long as she doesn't bring it around issac what's the big deAl? Boo I mean really? U have had a few guys around Isaac and Jo never did anything but wish u the best. (On camera anyways) I'm married to a man with a now 6 yr old. He was 10 months when we got together...his sons mom Hateddddd me only cuz I was the new god
  • jaycee1007Gf* not god**
  • jaycee1007@kaillowry but she got over it and we all grew up. REGARDLESS if you like her. Issac will grow to love her the way he loves Javi. If u deny him that or push him away from her that makes u some pictures got posted. SOOO whAt. Shit happens.
  • dex3161992Her ego is bigger than that cake
  • joeandlaneeb13Your a AWSOME mother god bless you family and your new marriage
  • whitechin_mazSo awesome love u
  • wendy__v_cool
  • grace_ansted4Cute
  • zieglerdollzYou had a baby at 16?
  • stephiebrit@andrewbusso_lover that's why she's well known
  • rjazmine18Happy birthday kailyn
  • daly_baybee#teenmom2
  • robbiechadmaxAll these girls still got pregnant before their 21 birthday with a second baby
  • bri_alexis227Not chelsea @robbiechadmax
  • griff4keeps9416An awesome cake @Kai llowry
  • yo_gotI love this Cox cake go
  • yo_gotYou rock it
  • _est91_I loved your story on teen mom. @kaillowry if you get a chance to read this plz follow
  • tiffanywise_How long ago was this? ?? not 21.....
  • morgananntaylerHappy late birthday katlyn
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