Omgomgomgomg my mailbox is finally here!!!! 😛
  • lobosworthOmgomgomgomg my mailbox is finally here!!!! 😛

  • kasiecodyIt's basically to make your life easier. Really makes a difference for people that get lots of emails a day. You can turn off your email, or if you don't have time to reply then have it resent to you later. I downloaded the app, but it shows there to be the waiting list for the mailbox to be delivered to the app I guess?
  • itsdevinxoxoOver half a million people in front of me 😑
  • lolecks@carlzbarkley yah ya know only about 2 months away
  • jenna.lemay527,867 ppl ahead of me? Good God this better be worth it
  • milliemayIt wasn't worth it. I kind of miss waiting though!
  • lauramichelehahnI hated it 👎👎👎👎👎
  • thatscuteilikethatanyone know wtf her background is? looks like brussel sprouts... 😜
  • savannahgowerRose buds I think? @thatscuteilikethat
  • izaiahsmommy071911They r peonies!
  • aanns_berniAhhhh still waiting! @mersgallagher see, it will eventually happen haha
  • _a2k@margot144 - in a nutshell it's a mail client that utilizes GTD (Getting Things Done) concepts that help you get to "inbox zero". People love it for its user interface and its simplistic approach to processing their mail. Virtually everything( eg. Archive, file, postpone, delete) can be accomplished by sliding messages left or right using one finger. I have had it for a month or so and can say it's one of the better mail apps I have ever used. Only downside is, people who have been using gtd methods for any length of time will require some tweaks to their personal workflows. I know the waiting list seems ridic but it doesn't take them that long to burn through 500k sign ups. For most it will be well worth the wait. And no, I do not work for the company. :)
  • jacqueline_noraIt moves about a 100,000 ppl every couple of days shouldn't take more then a week to get it now
  • _a2k@lobosworth apologies for blowing up ur Instagram w/ my comment.
  • margotton89Thanks @_a2k too bad I have a samsung galaxy s3 :((
  • mercyt@thatscuteilikethat it's a peony. :)
  • rosebeau3My cousin developed that app! Too bad it doesn't mean I get it first...I'm still waiting like the rest!
  • marikoktThanks for the input
  • aaarenson@lobosworth it's about time!
  • kalynnand@kennedy_a this will be us one day. #worththewait???
  • stipau95@lobosworth , do you have any email I can ready you at? It only regards business, promise.
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