A very very nice Pie #jamie
  • jamieoliverA very very nice Pie #jamie

  • ava.flavaa^^^shes very pissed @the_cool_mind
  • dellidgeShe's a moron
  • marcelabdiasLooook where he was!! @vicknico @paolachito @fraz_cam why he didn't appear when we were there? 😓
  • paolachitoWhy didn't we have that luck??? 😢 Now I'm sad... @marcelabdias @vicknico @fraz_cam
  • vicknicoJamiieeee❤ what was he thinking he didint get the lamm kkkk
  • frayza_Hahahaha @vicknico
  • mickeylove11Or kinda looks food in prospective
  • ella_billy@rbaby27 I think you're looking at it completely the wrong way. He's done more good for the schools than bad. Its better the kids learn about good nutrition early on and not be eating pie (a treat) every day. God forbid the children eat healthy food!!
  • kimberley.x0YUM! Love you @jamieoliver
  • shahidzubairali@jamieoliver
  • rbaby27@ellabilham I at home teach my children healthy eating, have you seen an experiment that Jamie did with chicken nuggets with a room full of children? (if you haven't, I'll fill u in) to offer children as young as 4, chicken tika and rice & chilli is going a bit to far, my child would never eat that, so he goes for the option of lumpy mash and plain pasta, do you think that is good? In my book that's a carb overload and is really unhealthy, there is no red sauce allowed, no squash, just water, jacket potatoes which are over cooked and again the children are not allowed to have any butter on them, no salt, kids are not going to eat bland food, there are ways of having heathy food in schools, but for goodness sake make it child friendly, but all this is too late, the damage has been done, the take up of school dinners has fallen to such a small amount, my children's school has said that eventually the kitchen will be closed, my kids will be ok.... But the area that I'm from is a very poor area... So that means that some children who get a hot free school meal a day, will no longer even have that to rely on and no doubt will be going hungry....most prob Jamie's kids go to a private school where the standard of food is 100% better than our little school in Wales!!!
  • rbaby27@jamieoliver your experiment was worth a try, the dinner lady's weren't happy at the time but went with you... But you started what is to become the end of the primary school kitchens and all the staff that are employed😞
  • robinowitz1111Once tou realize they will eat what you give them ..... You will be the once making the choice - not your children, and that leafs to a life time of healthy choices period! How do yiubgigure school kitchen stsffs will be cut?? If they have to actually cook something they will be in more demand! Bravo Jaimie.... Your experiment motivated my 6th grader to speak up at school- she asked why is it that we are being taught healthy eating in school, and then not being offered healthy choices from the cafeteria?! Her health teacher had her write an essay with her suggestions to partner with local farms to buy all of their vegetables so the school had a good steady and affordsble supply- the farmer knew he was going to sell everything he grew- and the children were going to have a healthy option. It was sent to the school board - who in turn attached it to every report card!! I was proud of her, and am grateful to you for taking the risk to think outside the proverbial box/can when it comes to what we feed our kids.
  • pequenadamager_10@pedraf_69 just look at this pie *-*
  • rachhhhh_Omgg 😧😍😋
  • griffgregorWish I was related to you :O I can imagine the meals :O
  • sandraantunes_😋
  • ana75yoWoooow amizing
  • braxodemercedes❤❤
  • militsapayne@stephfxxx
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