Tonight my good friend @DanaWhite joins us for an all new episode of @Ridiculousnes @ 10/9c only on @MTV
  • robdyrdekTonight my good friend @DanaWhite joins us for an all new episode of @Ridiculousnes @ 10/9c only on @MTV

  • _liam_macauley_Are u the real rob dyrdek
  • jaden_white20Best show ever
  • tyler_ohlmannI love you're show
  • noyes98Best episode evr!!
  • seth_a08I'm a huge fan
  • turbocarrieHot @robdyrdek
  • jimmy_nguyener24Woot woot Dana White !
  • _.jackkiiee._I love that show its so funny
  • the_only_bass5449Funny show
  • super.duper.edHe's the guy in UFC
  • garrettjacobs_He owns UFC... lol @soccerman710
  • odonnell__seanYour show is sick. It's so cool. I watch it ever chance I get. It's awsome!
  • rich_girl101@robdyrdek I know you probably don't read these, but it would mean the world to me if you would notice me. I have recently lost all of my friends, they all think I'm not good enough for them.. My aunt recently passed away, an my other aunt is in the hospital. I have nobody I can trust right now and I feel like I'm invisible to everyone. I know I'm just a normal person and you are up in the top rank. But please, it would make me feel like I have a reason to life. I spend all my afternoons crying in my room. So please! I hope you see this. And if you do but don't care it's not a big deal. I'm used to not wing good enough and people not caring. But it would seriously mean everything to me! I love you Rob, you are seriously my role model and I look up to you so much!
  • nsrphotography@rich_girl101 Hey I know Im not RD, but I hope things are looking up for you!
  • rich_girl101Thank you @nsrphotography not really though. My other aunt just found out she had a brain tumor and cancer and the doctors can't do anything to help her. But thanks for helping out! Means a lot!
  • nsrphotography@rich_girl101 Sorry to hear that girl! I feel ya. My grandma died from lymphoma and my grandpa has lung cancer.
  • lifeofalemon2 of my fav boys!
  • megankelley63I'm dedicated to you noticing me
  • treflip_or_dieYour awesome rob @robdyrdek
  • d.rts123Cool
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