How the world has changed: St. Peter's Square in 2005 and 2013
  • todayshowHow the world has changed: St. Peter's Square in 2005 and 2013

  • vaxe00εντυπωσιακό!!!!!!
  • tipofgoodhopeAwesome! Screens are enlightening, let them keep exploring.
  • nickdastoor2005 woman is like "What's the thing you're pointing at me? are you from the FUTURE?"
  • clairee_nIs this a good change?
  • gnarly_d@krzysiudub wszędzie to było, dzis pewnie otworze lodówkę i tez będzie
  • avocadeWonder what the iPhone to Android ratio is among Catholics.
  • gregwaltersWoW!
  • sduraccioBellissima sembra natale
  • glomer92interesting to think that people now believe that capturing a moment is better than being part of a moment.
  • lmshah23That is so interesting. Agree with you glomer92.
  • clairefycThe picture above was from John Paul II's funeral procession. Different occasions. Also the pictures were taken from drastically different distances from the Vatican.
  • saudsoulwow
  • egadgetguy+100 clairefyc
  • elguardaHow much has the church changed????
  • donmcthrill#mobileinteractionsociety
  • melapaloozaI think it's awesome! Being able to share an experience or knowledge with so many people is incredible!! #magical #weareallconnected
  • liseknAmazing how things can change in 8 years! #technology
  • shimmaaraaaathe bitter truth
  • udhhayIt seriously pisses me off. More than enjoying the moment people tend to capture the moment that literally pisses me off ; (
  • missdeaon_jasminei think i seen a razor phone lol
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