Eye see you.... #playingAroundAtWork
  • melissajoanhartEye see you.... #playingAroundAtWork

  • laurencoppinsBtw this is gorg
  • jonhyauditoreA universe inside that eye
  • ms.hellcatI've always thought you have gorgeous eyes!
  • crazyduckmeEye see what you did there.
  • miss_ind3p3nd3nt_Pretty eye
  • katerinakuzminerYes the eye comments lol
  • sale88You're such an uplifting person! Love you so much! German tv just cancelled 'Sabrina'! :( i'm so sad about this! At least there's 'Melissa+Joey' to watch!
  • sasba34@melissajoanhart what I want to know is how u keep it skin looking so good, I'm a mum of only one and I look haggered lol xx
  • pbonilla16Hahaha
  • shushuku@sale88 Ja, total bescheuert. Und DVDs von Sabrina bringen die auch nicht raus.
  • laurencoppinsOh hey it's your cousin again😃 uhh I think u know Michael ken and Francis coppins! Mike is my dad! He explained to me that your my grandmas sisters husbands granddaughter!!!! Therefore you are my third cousin😊 i really want to meet you in Long Island sometime if you ever come back! Jerry said that u were really greAt!
  • crowned_bebe.inc@melissajoanhart i am watching sabrina on disney channel right now!i watched for the nth time and never get tired of it! ❤❤❤❤
  • nicolecoppins@lauren_michelle526 HAHAHAHAH you weren't kidding! but @melissajoanhart you actually are our cousin 😘
  • thedrmyou are very beautiful
  • wohrhol56Help..
  • igplushI wish I would have married you
  • april.mk@melissajoanhart you're stunning! Is there anyway I can work with you (makeup artist) in the future? Or intern for your MUA? If so, you would literally make all of my dreams come true 😊 probably not going to happen since so many fans try to talk to you, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, haha💜💙
  • maddisonelaine109Wow!! Your eyes are stunning
  • lemmatthewSexy eyes
  • ashessss___Dem eyes though
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