GIRAFFE "giraffe giraffe,giraffe"
  • nickdiaz209GIRAFFE "giraffe giraffe,giraffe"

  • rsofficialgtsKick his ass Diaz!
  • elmagico8113Hey no conference
  • redrum_nycGiraffes can fight! Go YouTube "Giraffe fight"
  • mallybadeshau must be high as fuck if you see giraffe in stockton playa
  • svtverthoeLets go nick!
  • michaelknightvi@multifacetedvin
  • kingbibibearLol! 4 real tho @nickdiaz209 , u won me over on that last conference call, u made sense & gsp got ur point & his interview with areil hellweenie showed u had brought him back down 2 earth, I'm going 4 u & I hope u pull off a submission when he tried 2 lay on u. Gsp is like them giraffes, his head is up in the clouds, now is the time 2 chompon them legs lil by lil till he falls lol
  • kingbibibearCan anyone answer me this question? ... is that voltron or a gundam fighter in the back? ?Can't make it out 4 the life of me lol @nickdiaz209
  • kromer0Nick please make it today. All your fans want you to tattoo gsp faggot Canadian face.
  • vegetarianfighter#vegetarianfighter
  • tbeauty79Nick Diaz is a whiner and a hypocrit! He's the most disrespectful fighter in mma. He gets mad when fighters don't fight his fight. Go CANADA!!! GSP all day! P.s. nick you are a great fighter, Don't b such a hater!
  • juniecashNick plz beat the shit outta GSP is #Diaztime
  • candicetravaloinaNickkkkkdiazbabyyyyy , going for you maaan!!!! Boyfriend and I just arrived in Montreal from Vancouver today just so we can see this fight live!! It's going to be a good one!! --DIAZ BROTHERS FANS !!!
  • levibaptiste604@nickdiaz209 your a fucking legend..realist out and that's a fact the mma @tupac
  • cam_da_chef@thebosslady79 he keeps it real doesn't sugar coat nothing. He gets under people skin that's why no one likes him. It's there fault to if they choose to acknowledge it. Both great fighters
  • cloud9kennels@erin_nick707 hahaha
  • erin_nick707_bullyworld@cloud9kennels that's some funny shit huh bro. Go diaz!!!! Dot this fool up!
  • e_healy👊Get it done @nickdiaz209
  • kathisarginsonLove this!
  • sillyoddchickAll i see... Is u REFLECTION ❤
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