Louis CK live! "We're the only ones that made it out if the food chain"
  • tonyhawkLouis CK live! "We're the only ones that made it out if the food chain"

  • lilheathenDaaamn homie I'm jealous, Louie and Hawk
  • daveananny@tonyhawk would you be down to help build a permanent skate park in Ottawa Canada our nations capital needs one too many kids not skateboarding not being able to progress because of the snow
  • mar_peev@daveananny I Agree. You are right I just found your comment abit funny cause. "They can't progress because of the snow" and I'm a snowboarder that can progress because if the lack of snow 😂. I'd gladly switch with one if those kids that wants to be a skater
  • grigleyHe rules💡
  • roostercgbrn@daveananny if you're going to solicit @tonyhawk to build Canada a skate park, you might want to edit the drug use out of your pictures. Maybe a dinner plate of weed is slowing your progress homie.
  • zachd1420Hes the man.
  • mad.__.maxWhat a fucking ignorant and judgemental thing to say
  • zahra3377Hi
  • zahra3377@tonyhawk
  • daveananny@roostercgbrn yummy dinner ! quite content with my progress, and my breakfast lunch dinner thanks man
  • tonyhawk@rellikgirl sorry I missed you! We got shut down at the bar before or started, haha
  • rellikgirlYa the lobby bar (where I was ) stayed open the whole time but due to the HBO filming everyone else has to shut down when the show started. 😔 Upcoming shows are Heart, Chicago, Chris Tucker or George Lopez.. If u wanna go to any of those..
  • humbler_gto@tonyhawk @kellyslater check out @fender63 !
  • malignusyouthNice, Louis CK my favorite Mexican comedian
  • christianscottpierceCurses! I was supposed to go to this show!!!!!
  • joey.padYES!! ONE OF THE BEST!!
  • maksnayStans-up?
  • danscomputer24So lucky one of the funniests guys ever
  • danscomputer24Faggot cunt nigger deer
  • alej_martiHes so fuking funny
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