Even though the message is ANTI-Fascist we never sold these. I have boxes of these. #toymachine #transistorsect
  • ed.templetonEven though the message is ANTI-Fascist we never sold these. I have boxes of these. #toymachine #transistorsect

  • christroyerI've come down with a bad case of leprosy. I could use one of your shirts to cover up this nasty flesh.
  • christroyerHell. Give me one with a blemish on it . I don't care
  • christroyerEd.. Don't be a foo. Just let me have a shirt.
  • christroyerWould you be offended if I tie-dyed it when you give it to me? You know, I just add a little flare.
  • christroyerWe're here one day and gone the next Ed. The sacrifice, inspiration and shirt giving that takes place while we're here is the only true legacy we leave behind. So ed, I ask of you. the shirt.
  • christroyerThink of this. It's a beautiful day, Huntington Beach is the location. A body, a frail bloated body washes up on shore. It's lying facedown. Though you know it's hopeless you run over there to help like the good man that you are. You roll the body over and it's face is no other than your own. It may not be early but it's not too late to make a change Ed. And when that change happens I'll be waiting here with open arms, waiting to except your shirt.
  • christroyerI aware some of these other insta jokesters have asked you for one of these shirts, but they don't want it Ed. not like me. Please Ed, ed please.. May I have a shirt???
  • christroyerEd, so I happen to be at my good friend Michelle's house in Vancouver Canada and came across an old Transworld with your name and address on it. So I'm thinking I can just show up to your house and pick the shirt up at your convenience
  • christroyerYou can leave it under the doormat if you like or maybe leave the back door unlocked and just set it on the kitchen table
  • christroyerA butterfly pisses over ocean, it makes a splash, the splash makes ripples, the ripples become waves. A young man lays upon his stomach on nothing more than foam and fiberglass awaiting a wave. He catches a wave, but not only a wave but thee wave. Once a ripple, Once a splash, that was once butterfly piss. That young man was no other then Jeff Spicoli .. The events that manifold if you give me this T-shirt is truly infinite. Unfathomable by the human mind. Are you really going to risk depriving the world of the next Spicoli... Are you Ed. Now may I please have A size medium T-shirt.
  • christroyerPretty please with sugar on top.
  • christroyerIzed. Tizee to the shizirt. Plizeas
  • christroyerEd when you gonna give me a shirt... I'm growing old and more tired every day. Starting to loose hope.
  • christroyerActually scratch that shit. Hope is a mirage. Hope and 25 cents won't get you a cuppa coffee. So I shall persist. So just give me a T-shirt.
  • christroyerI'm hear in NYC for 30 of Dinosaur jr. I don't care for them much but my good friends the guitar tech so I get in for free. Kim Gordon was there and sang titanium exposure with them. It made me think of you and all that we've been through. Ups, downs, you know.. A thing called life. Anyway you don't know what you've got till its gone so give me a shirt Ed before I fined someone else that will.
  • christroyerMoney's been tight lately. I've been reduced to eating dear balls do to their affordability. Two of them are just under a buck. I feel that if I had some dapper attire I could nail the interview that gets me the job that gets me off of this island of funk. So Ed, help me break this cocoon of squalor and send me a tee.
  • christroyerThat means, "Don't be a fool. Send me a T shirt. Not so much because I want you to, but because deep down inside you know you want to give me one. Again don't be a fool. "It's like the word SCUBA. You know. Self contained underwater breathing apparatus.
  • christroyerSorry I haven't written you in a while lv a lot on my mind. I got a new job, it pays the bills but 9 2 5 just doesn't feel natural,there has to be more to life. We all have the ability to be big but it's the small things like T-shirts that make life so much more for filling. You can't change the world. but you can change my world please send the T-shirt
  • christroyerIt's been a while ED. Too long of a while. I've been caught up in the rat race the whole end of 2016 and I've lost track of what's truly important in life. Like your T-shirt. So Ed. Pretty please with sugar on top, can I have a T-shirt?
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