Excited to announce Whats Eating Gilbert will be a special guest at the @altpress SXSW showcase!
  • xchadballxExcited to announce Whats Eating Gilbert will be a special guest at the @altpress SXSW showcase!

  • megadeth_cab_for_cutie@xchadballx gold. Haha.
  • inshanity@xchadballx I'm actually a really big fan of your tunes and would love to catch a show if you ever play Canada and I have the finances to make the journey (you'd never play where I live). PS. Sincerely hope you're not making fun of me/my issue with @altpress and their choice of highly publicized show poster designs. That would suck.
  • megadeth_cab_for_cutie@inshanity You.....are ridiculous. Looking way to much into this. I bet you're the same person who gets mad watching spongebob when there's a fire underwater. Or when you see a movie where there's a caveman and a dinosaur. Relax.
  • alexnotonfireLove SXSW! Have fuuuun!!
  • iamjennybenny@xchadballx my hubs is playing the same day! Shall be fun!
  • tsewestAWWW I wanna play
  • davidrowdie@xchadballx hey. Ill be working.
  • sammiloumarshFRANK TURNER...ugh, why do I have to live in England!!
  • merica_90@handsupfistshigh .... We need more money for this!
  • xchadballx@inshanity definitely not making fun of you but based on your posts you didn't seemed to enthused about the show. I was excited to tell people about this show and it became a political debate. Which is fine because Always stand up for what you believe in i just think you should try hitting up the source. Write the ones who made it to express that you took offense to it
  • jasongolden_Single mothers! Unreal!
  • adamxhortenWhoa that went off board a bit. You Rollin into providence with the Gilbert gig? @xchadballx
  • xchadballx@adamxhorten doing an east coast run. Announcing soon. Close to providence I think.
  • c4d3Huge props for Masked Intruder.
  • _dennis_l@xchadballx how about some s fl dates
  • i_saac_lebensmittelgeschaft@xchadballx see you at SXSW brother!
  • evanedagger@inshanity the poster is meant to promote artists. Artists that sacrifice more than you can imagine to bring you the songs and music you love! These guys/girls that do this for a living are the least hateful people you have ever met or ever will meet. @xchadballx is one of the most humble guys i have ever met in my life. And his bands all express the same. Sorry if you feel that the poster stands for anything else. But just let it go. Cause it is not what it is intended for. Your great. Fuck racism. And fuck hate.
  • astral_ykciv@xchadballx where exactly is this happening?
  • stealer_of_heartsRed 7
  • whothefuckisjamesbarrelbryerItch is playing! Such a sick dude
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