Gorgeous gift from my valentine. Made yesterday (the worst day ever) a bit happier. ❤
  • merricksartGorgeous gift from my valentine. Made yesterday (the worst day ever) a bit happier. ❤

  • kailashousleyPhillip is a good gift giver!! Why was the day so awful? What a bummer!
  • merricksart@kailashousley oh, I was just grouchy all day. My kids are on complete opposite nap schedules so I feel like I get nothing done during the day, we're potty training benson and despite him doing super well it he has thrown the biggest tantrums of his life about it, Philip is sick as a dog, and it's that time of the month. Ha...more than you wanted to know?!
  • raffmomSo pretty. Love that watch.
  • raffmomAnd I hope today is better!
  • merricksart@raffmom thank you! It is already...a good night sleep does wonders :)
  • leannebarlowGorgeous! So sorry to hear about your day! Two kids can feel pretty paralyzing sometimes.
  • g.i.g.s.14Love it! My love is getting me a MK watch too, but letting me pick it out this weekend!
  • meredithtutt@merricksart did you start your period again right after baby both times? I did last time & I'm praying with everything I've got that I won't right away this time!
  • merricksart@leannebarlow paralyzing is such a perfect word to describe it! And sorry we missed out Skype date last week...lets do it next week sometime!
  • kaylacollins___So pretty! Sorry you had a bad day, it's the worst when the stars align and everything just seems to be going wrong and you're already in a bad mood... Glad today is better! Xoxox
  • britt.hydeGorgeous watch! Haha Y'all are making me nervous about baby #2!
  • merricksart@meredithtutt no..with B I got my period when he was 11 months! This time it started when F was 8 weeks. Not cool.
  • merricksart@brittrhyde don't be nervous! You'll be great! Just like days with one kid are hard, some days with two kids are hard. Most days are really so good for us!
  • redsoxwife@merricksart so well deserved! Sorry you had a rough day hope its better today!! You're an amazing mama :)
  • mommagoroundHugs! Hope today is going better!
  • preethib7I had the same q as @meredithtutt. :) needless to say, I've loooooved not having my period for over 3 years, but now I'm scared it will actually come back this time! On another note, we've been down with the flu all week and naps were the pits yesterday and PTing is the worst thing ever so I feel your pain. Here's to a better feb 15th!
  • everydayreadingPretty! Is it gold? (I can't quite tell from the picture)
  • merricksart@everydayreading yep, gold!
  • nicolehope20Totally asked for this exact watch for my 21st birthday! So pretty @merricksart
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