Agreed. Thank you @canadajoe1
  • chloegmoretzAgreed. Thank you @canadajoe1

  • juanskrohneI agree too. Do not pay attention to these inepts
  • omar3253Lol.. Gay... Persons are persons and that ALL.. :P
  • k.i.l.lCouldn't agree more. America's really fucked up.
  • colorlessglassYour brother's style is amazing 👌 love a man that can dress himself
  • silleraCheck mine out 👍
  • canadienjoshThey had the internet 60 years ago!
  • canadajoe1I never said they had internet 60 years ago. LMAO
  • delenaisdestinyI wish I had a gay brother ! I love gay people ! Ex: Kingsley !!!
  • erinmcentegartOmg Kingsley! I love him so much! He's so funny! I would love to have him as a friend! @delenaisdestiny 😍😍
  • puffshoot@delenaisdestiny You wish that your brother was gay so that you can never have legitimate nieces or nephews. lol
  • parisgibson_Yes exactly! Who cares everyone is the same no matter what, well said!
  • sydney__mccloskeyOnly shallow people have things against gay people!
  • canadajoe1@cmoretz Sorry that you and your brother had to again read those kind of comments Chloe. I really hoped that this post would have made them stop. Your brother is awesome like you and both of you guys are good people and deserve respect. :(
  • viereuroFirst of all whats wrong with gays? Nothing right?
  • trangta1991LOL
  • chlomofan7895I think your brother is an amazing human being. He's just like the rest of us except he's brave and proud enough to admit he's gay. He's someone everyone should look up to and admire.
  • itsmeremciePOSERS ALERT !!!!
  • itsmeremcieDont judge people because of their taughts !! Just stop it ok :)
  • lujainsas@chlomofan7895 Is he gay ? just asking 😊
  • bensones@canadajoe1 this is a bit late but you said what no one else could or at least in a way that no one could have said better
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