Ready to go home! #carnivaltriumph
  • caricat102Ready to go home! #carnivaltriumph

  • joysofautumnI wish I was in mobile too!
  • caricat102Me too! I kept asking everybody- how far away is it from Birmingham. Everyone said far. :-(
  • aaaarrrrcapWhat's in Birmingham?
  • caricat102My best friend and her baby I haven't met yet!
  • os_borneIt was great meeting positive people like you guys on our boat. I had a blast! @caricat102
  • caricat102@os_borne us too! So lucky not everybody was whining like those making it on the news, it's my favorite vacation I've taken. And New Orleans rocked! Where'd you guys end up?
  • os_borneWe went straight to a hotel and hopped on a flight back to tucson the next morning. Reeds uncle hooked it up. What time did you guys make it home?
  • caricat102In mobile or New Orleans? We were home by 8:30 pm on Friday. It was nice, we didn't sleep but we got to run around New Orleans for a few hours.
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