The work of the Progresso, Mexico tug boat the night it arrived. #triumph #carnivaltriumph #carnival #stranded
  • ikaitevenThe work of the Progresso, Mexico tug boat the night it arrived. #triumph #carnivaltriumph #carnival #stranded

  • traveldesignedDo you have any idea, did the ship really drift too far or was it really a lack of passports why they didn't continue to Progresso?
  • ikaiteven@traveldesigned the ship did drift 90 miles north. They said it was an equal distance to Progresso and Mobile and because of the passport situation, that probably was one big deciding factor in choosing Mobile, Alabama!
  • traveldesignedGlad you are almost home! Though I have a feeling the airport thing is going to be a bit of a mess so be prepared to be patient a little while longer. I'm a travel agent and I think their math might have been a bit mixed up. I hope after this the cruise industry will stop lobbying against passports for all. Hang in there! We're all routing for you!
  • ikaitevenThanks so much I really appreciate it! @traveldesigned
  • zowie2cutefoyou@kkaitrobertson did the ship tilt because of no electricity?? Would you take another carnival cruise? We've been praying for everyone on board the triumph!
  • wreynoldsyoungLooks like an angel!
  • rhfeenanThanks for sharing your photos and stories. We are watching your progress on CNN, here in Philadelphia. Good luck.
  • weezyf805Thanks for sharing pics truly amazing, I hope @cnnpr does a story on you and your experiences! Congrats on the safe homecoming to everyone on the Triumph!
  • bentleyallinWelcome home!
  • skootyyyI'm writing a paper, can I share this
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