. @aldridge_12 @damianlillard and Will.i.am turning it out!
  • trailblazers. @aldridge_12 @damianlillard and Will.i.am turning it out!

  • miqmiqmiqCan we get some wins please? That would impress us more than silly photo shoots with a Black Eyed Pea.
  • yadammm^exactly.
  • spencerwilliammartin^ this guy... are u implying that will.i.am is going to keep us from winning? Where is the love? #seewhatididthere
  • vmatsakounx3#ripcity!
  • miqmiqmiqWill.i.Am is only in this photo shoot cause @damianlillard is going to be Rookie of the Year. Not cause he's a fan of our team. Trust me, I've been a blazers fan for many years, we're always rebuilding. It's a shit excuse for when we start losing. I'm not going to hide behind that. We have quality players, 2 all-stars and we can't close a game. Start with honesty guys
  • mailzerFuck yeah *.*
  • tyler_backman👆 Don't say like it like we're falling like most teams. Our bench blows. I think our bench is averaging 12pts a game? Maybe? You can't win games when your bench gets out scored endlessly. Our starting five is amazing, we just need key players to capitalize from the bench. 👍🍻
  • lindseywisniewskiAmen @tylergod ! 👏
  • selloutking@natashavisage
  • a_sipaia@miqmiqmiq there is no We.You don't play or Work as nearly as hard so cool it and just suppoe them downing them is just asking for failure #realtalk
  • miqmiqmiq@tylergod I agree 100%. @a_sipaia22 yes, I am not an owner or player. But I am a supporter of THE team. Open forums means I can say as I please. I'm not trash talking THE team, all I'm say is THE team can be doing better. THE team has amazing tools to be successful. And I'd like to see them doing better, as would everyone else. #realtalk for ya
  • thumpinmonk3yWhy does will.I.am ruin everything..?
  • a_sipaia@miqmiqmiq just seems like you downing them saying it is a shitting excuse that the blazers are still rebuilding because thats the truth and thats the reason why Blazers have a bad bench they're still trying
  • itsawrap4nycTo put it in focus, our team has struggled as of late, have the worst bench in the league, 5 rookies, 8 new team mates, and a whole new coaching staff including the head coach. Plus the team is being ran by a rookie pg....and we're tied with the fakers who how 3 first ballot hof's on their team. We should be prohd and enjoy the road to perfection!
  • tyler_backmanTo be honest, every year we so say "wait until next year" as I'm sure most fans say about their teams. While most of us are biased because we love our Blazers, we do need to come to realize that we're still playoff bound, but, if we're going to make a push, everyone needs to play successful and score some buckets. Our bench needs to not take as many random shots, but focus on pulling defenders to help open things up. We have a great team, but I expect them to come out hot from this break. *I'm in no way dictating what's going on, as I'm not a player nor a coach, just outside looking in.*
  • itsawrap4nycOur team lacks play makers, and energy guys... but we do have players that can drive the paint or cut and draw fouls. Easy buckets would make a huge increase in bench points with simple free throws. Everything we're worried about are easy fixes
  • alex_damiianTrue👍 @tylergod
  • christopherkummerWe have a great starting 5, but the bench needs to step up its game.
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