Never. Ever. Board. This. Ship. #carnival #triumph #stranded
  • ikaitevenNever. Ever. Board. This. Ship. #carnival #triumph #stranded

  • heather_danylleOmg, what a horrible experience. I hope everything is ok!
  • ikaiteven@heather_cheers yeah pretty miserable, but thank you!
  • I just have to ask.. people are reporting that there are rivers of shit and puss flowing in the boat..I highly doubt that.. lol can you confirm? ;) just how bad is it? Glad to hear you guys are (slowly) getting back home! :)
  • bringmeanchoviesHi, you don't know me. Just wanted to thank you for posting photos! Very interesting to see what was going on after reading all the news the last few days. Hope all ends up well for you and yours.
  • dj_redlineWhat an ordeal. Glad your safe.
  • sarahgyurisI also don't know you but my prayers for you and your family and everyone involved. @kkaitrobertson
  • glamorouslexy@clarkaj
  • kaitlynbelzerrI was on that ship in November... I'm so glad y'all are all okay"
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