Save yourselves!!! #carnivaltriumph
  • jacobtcombsSave yourselves!!! #carnivaltriumph

  • shadows_kidGet some pictures of the "putrid conditions" CNN is talking about. Or is it just hype?
  • thewastedfilmAll hype
  • becca19@jctimothy mobile al is waiting with open arms@praying for yall
  • jonathanbcombsGlad to see you're in insta range.
  • blissforkI appreciate you maintaining a sense of humor about the whole thing. Pooping in bags and cans sounds less than fun.
  • kgrimballHell, I was starting to think they had began cannibalism @shadows_kid @thewastedfilm #cnnireport
  • thewastedfilmIf people can't handle extending their vacation like 3 days without shitting on the walls, they're doing it wrong.
  • hp_kaneI'm glad you are ok!!
  • krissibexGlad you're ok. That said HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at this pic. Pass the time with humor, man! Xx
  • jpatak16@jctimothy what the mood like on the ship? What are y'all doing to pass the time? How bad really is it? Good luck and god bless.
  • glittereyes@jctimothy watching in Tulsa, OK and saw you on CNN. So glad to see you guys are back on land! Get yourself a few drinks....strong drinks...and enjoy them! Cheers!
  • johnnyschingaderasthis shit cracks me up every damn time lol
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