Tent City. Since Sunday, people slept out here. @CNN @CBS #carnivaltriumph
  • clarkajTent City. Since Sunday, people slept out here. @CNN @CBS #carnivaltriumph

  • _iainmartinHey Clark, Iain here from news agency Storyful. Are these your photos? If so can the media use them with a credit to you? Hope you are OK!
  • tomote@_iainmartin Where dem dollaz at?
  • chiefsteph@clarkaj goodness what an adventure ya'll are having. Glad you're safe though
  • colegholsonTell em @tomote! Lulz
  • reuterspicturesHi @clarkaj Steve here from Reuters News. We'd like to use your photo - fully credited of course - in our coverage of the Triumph. May we have your permission? Thx. (We'd like to have your full name for credit too.)
  • mmacdonsHi Clark, this is Global News in Canada. Can we have permission to use your photos in our national newscast? We'll credit your name/account. Thanks!
  • clarkinHi @clarkaj, this is Clark here from the Baylor Lariat. We'd like to use YOUR photo in tomorrow's paper. Do we have permission to do so? Of course, we will include your Insta name so you can rack up the followers. Also, included just for you will be a free e-mail subscription to our sister news networks: Baylor Proud and Student Life (the only place to know what's on the Baylor horizon). What do you say?
  • a_m_jones_Hello Clark, this is Ron Burgundy from San Diego's KVWN evening news. I can offer you full photo credits and a substantial list of steakhouses in the greater Mobile area. Stay classy.
  • prettylittlejediHaha^^^
  • hillary_lachmanLol @a_m_jones_
  • clarkajFeel free to use the photos!
  • iatealegendLmao @a_m_Jones_
  • britklingbeilI slept under there!
  • clarkaj@bdetmar bless you! I hope your week wasn't all negatives! Hope your well
  • britklingbeil@clarkaj that is so sweet o you to say!! Same to you! And no, there were numerous positives through the entire ordeal. My family definitely grew :)
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