true love. #leica #35mm
  • keeoonetrue love. #leica #35mm

  • wutziallHehe
  • lovely_lexx10So jealous of you. I want that camera. Is this your favorite camera?
  • leahfalsHave that
  • leahfalsI'm sure u want that camera @lovley_lexx10
  • iggiexxSo much jealousy. UGH.
  • pll_mysteriesSooo cool
  • jnb_jthis is my dream camera.... Mmmm I wish I have
  • lotemneumndo you love photography? cuz if you do its creepy because I love photography and I ride motorcycle ;) and most important - we both love you ;);)
  • miralo💛📷
  • rachaelombardyDamn, that shits hot.
  • sven_wedI want a leica! German Quality :D
  • keeoone@osheanswakeen what? I shoot film too...but this is one is digital . It's great -you should try one out before you knock it
  • edftwinI'm saving up for that lux !
  • pap1llonWhich Leica do you find yourself using more? I want a film M7 but I'm told the digital Leicas are a better investment...
  • keeoone@pap1llon it's tough to give an answer that will last. I am a firm believer in film but they have improved the digital. What you should invest in- is the glass- lenses. Those are timeless- and can always be carried over to whatever you choose.
  • diananajarroYou are so talented I swear I love your photos. @keeoone
  • deargominLove forever.
  • nina.mtthsYeah, i'm from Germany!!
  • itsgmoranI want one of these so bad
  • _rymaaaAussiiiii @lucas.dlpe
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