Yep ole Airdawg just making my day! Love you dude!
  • treycanardYep ole Airdawg just making my day! Love you dude!

  • jruinb@treycanard thank you for keeping our lord and savoir alive.. Much love homie
  • sighhsaraTrey! I love you!😘 Jaxon is like my bestfriend at school!😝 @treycanard
  • kingtim@tylersymcox
  • xejvBest rider of all time! Go #41!
  • jennsjenns@treycanard I'm not much into moto but following you because you're an amazing role model and have an amazing walk with the Lord and it's contagious. I needed to read that verse tonight #Gal6:9, thanks for sharing :)
  • brent_presnellDefinitely not a Big mystery who gets "brother of the year"!!!
  • hondaman969Awesome!!! @treycanard
  • ccapps15That is one of my favorite verses !!!!
  • wallysworld378@dear_riah
  • railroaddustIf you don't know your past, you don't know your future.
  • james_elliott78@treycanard hey trey , I met you at Perris # 39 on a Honda 450 how's it goin ?
  • kona29rMy 8 yr old really looks up to u thanks for being a role model.
  • easye_money_12I believe it
  • texasbornnraised128See ya tonight at DFW Honda
  • jped321xU a Christian I am.
  • kennysmith307Nice air Wheelie in the ATL @treycanard in the LCQ✊
  • sighhsaraWhen Jaxon gave me that autograph from you i totally freaked out! Thank you! I loved it! I love you Trey Canard! Your so amazing! 😍👏😘 @treycanard
  • therocketbadgerGood job Trey your my favorite rider because your a inspiration to all of us. I love when you get on the podium and the first thing you say is "you always thank God for allowing you to be here" I love that quote. Keep up the good work Trey 👍
  • fifth_gear_pinned13@treycanard when you win, will you please do one of those awesome goon whips you used to do back when you rode a kawi?
  • ryanlangann@treycanard your my hero I broke my femur in 2010 I new you are ready did and got threw it a lot of times and I new I could do it if you did but when I came back every one was faster but you came back and took 2nd so I knew I hade to beat it so I won my first race back and I just wanted to say you inspired me so much and good luck in all of your races trey
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