Introducing #ThaiTuesday's
  • usherIntroducing #ThaiTuesday's

  • julie.ettoreAdorable
  • juliennedanghahahahhaa @graciegills
  • juliennedangmhm alright my lil Buddha hoarder 😘 @graciegills
  • syb_sybThis is perfect. Most famous people have no time for their family but here's Usher with his kids. It's just perfect.
  • alexandragamazon@florabomb hehehe love this
  • shushushSuch a wonderful wonderful idea. The conical hats are Vietnamese though, not Thai :(
  • lovely__fabulous_humble😍😍😍this!! U are my favorite male singer, you are awesome!!! I love you so much Usher!!!
  • just_gssika_Loooooool !!!
  • sophiasecret_Sweeet
  • urielhomeNeato! @howuseeit
  • misusniceSo cute
  • totallysophiekapicaIs that chines food?!
  • rassellrayGotta say that this is too cute! Lol
  • his1nonlyleadingladyI Love to c A real Man Spending Time With His Kids ur my #1 Guy
  • had_sosaColl party
  • tammytangtangI love this
  • number_one__23You a good daddy
  • cassie13eU'r a good father
  • jernjunlampha@howuseeit what u r wearing aren't Thai, babe! That's Vietnamese style. Anw, it's okay coz they both Asia ;p (i'm 1 of ur THAI fans just wanna say thx for liking in sth in our country) 😃
  • jay_p6That's wassup... Usher I salute you for being a great father. Growing my pops wasn't around. So moms was both. I can't say I was homeless because I live in a home that's not my own. I can say I am broke because I'm not financially stable because I pay for college. But looking for work at being the next best artist. I wrote out my business plan for 2015 in how I'd do anything musically because I want to be a #MegaStar not a super star like most jus looking for the right team of people. @howuseeit I dnt know how u found Justin beiber but all I can say I am jus as good. Some say better. I'm independent but I'm looking for a team to expand me all I want is creative genius control & 10-20% of what ever I earn. I am learning to write songz in college but all I can say whether you notice this comment or not. Whoever finds me cause I walk the streets of delaware dancing in singin staying true to my dream. I'll work hard an I want to learn more in how to be great. I dnt care about groupies or the money honestly jus want to show my mom I'm makin somethin of myself as I self promote myself. As well as Staying out of trouble an tryn to be a knuckle head like before. Always love ya. Usher no matter what because I will meet you one day. An I will tell u. These exact words "#IAmHonoredToMeetYou in person an I hope if your ever free off tour or what ever to visit the school I substitute teach at to give my kids something to dream about since nothing really comes in #Delaware #GodblessYou & no matter what I'm perfecting my singing & dancing an even rappin so I can be the best in all aspects in the music industry @howuseeit
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