A little golf at Bear Creek... @elitomac holding his finish!
  • rickiefowlerA little golf at Bear Creek... @elitomac holding his finish!

  • holden_altemusHonestly if I could emulate Any pro golfer it would be you.
  • halliannehobHi hi hi hi hi rickie
  • carltgkGotta be the 7th. hole
  • ericmac31Are you playing in the wgc match play @therealrickiefowler
  • carsenkrauseI see you there every time I go!! We need to talk some time. I'm a huge fan, I rock all puma like you! Hahaha @therealrickiefowler
  • jaseohpI remember playing at bear creek a couple months ago and u showed up! I saw you on the putting green!!
  • hammar__timeI used to live off the eleventh tee box! Bear creek is awesome!
  • golf_problems@golf_problems
  • t_russsThe murr baby
  • brendansprederWhy aren't you practicing in LA?
  • ckal12You golf? Lol
  • peddertimeStill on hole 17, very nice #myhome
  • sirlucas3it would mean the world to me if people like @im_jak3 would get off dude's dick and let the man go about his business. Hopefully he was able to move on with life if Ricky didn't "comment hey" on his picture. People these days, smh!
  • sirlucas3Ricky would you please comment hey on my dog's picture? It was his b-day 2 months ago and it would mean the world to him if you would only just comment hey on the picture. If not, I'm not sure if life would be worth going forward with.
  • papapete89@sirlucas3 chill dude he's a kid.
  • dcb_miltMy daughter does them same thing @sirlucas3 ....just a kid thing
  • 10under@sirlucas3 are you mad because you like gameCOCK. CHILL!
  • sirlucas3Lol yea Instagram really infuriates me. Anyone told u how much of a fruitcake u look like in your avi? I bet u would suck Ricky's dick too if u had a shot at it.
  • sirlucas3First off I was referring to im_jak3 flamboyant comment. Not the lil kid below her dumbasses.
  • rickyrodasHace falta o que? @majopinot
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