The clock in beautiful to me, because in there, in Pankrác Prison, it was the only way I had to tell time for a long while.
  • drandallblytheThe clock in beautiful to me, because in there, in Pankrác Prison, it was the only way I had to tell time for a long while.

  • traci9mercadoSending positive thoughts🙏 @drandallblythe
  • iampatmallonWhats the word so far? @drandallblythe
  • ang_angamaSending positive energy and thought.. @drandallblythe
  • plzexcusemywoodAbsolutely gorgeous. @drandallblythe
  • drumlover15Hope those that judge you see you have a good soul.
  • brujo_southernHope Bro you are the big person, many many hope for you from chile Bro, you second home
  • kiki_bo_bikiGood luck
  • circa1974Superb dark picture
  • demonseed78Amazing pic , but scary , because it gives me an idea of what it was like for you , I can't even imagine , stay strong bro positive thoughts !! @drandallblythe
  • big_lincolnwow
  • nathan_696Awasome
  • mkmcgill@big1952lincoln, I said the same damn thing. @drandallblythe, there's a lot of things that you post that honestly put everything around me into perspective. However, I was NOT expecting this post and caption to immediately just knock me on my ass. Thank you, Randy, for never ceasing to bring life lessons and such valuable insight to the world of Instagram, which has become so worldly and selfless.
  • savanna_johnsonThe feeling I get when I see this picture... You are an amazing artist. Truly. I look forward to more pictures. And meaning behind what your eye can capture.
  • rebmat_evol@drandallblythe thank you for showing us the beauty YOU see in the world around you; know your fans hearts are with you
  • clau4Wow!!!
  • olseawolfAmazing photos Randy! You truly are a man of many skills. Wishing you the best through the trial brother.
  • hbherpingI just just finished As the palace burns. You are a true gentlemen. You are a leader to all the dirtbag punks in the world. You stuck to your guns and you did what was right. It is a honour to be a fan of your music, and a great privilege to follow your Instagram and share your stories and your outlook on life. No other artist do I have more respect for than you Randy. You are just a raw dude. Real as the sweat and earth around me. I will always remember your struggle. Whatever challenges I'll face in life I'll smirk and mutter. "Walk with me in hell." You are a exceptional individual and a reminder of how we should conduct ourselves. I love you man.
  • emery301@the_rooter
  • greenbeanz28Just recognized this photo as the cover of your book....such an awesome picture.
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