Carl Gunnarsson at the Leafs annual visit to Sick Kids Hospital
  • mapleleafsCarl Gunnarsson at the Leafs annual visit to Sick Kids Hospital

  • blusuicide😊
  • scmarcelloAmazing!! Who else is there?
  • liam.chavezI am 100th like!
  • donthomas_Where is this? @torontomapleleafs
  • stuevansWhat a faker. He doesn't look injured to me
  • hellnettyLove the leafs , now and Forever
  • maevemountainAwww
  • ericascarpelliAwwwww Gunnar !!!!!
  • andrewwpope@stuevans I'm not sure what gives you the privilege of calling him a faker...
  • stuevansHe puts on a leafs jersey
  • jessemayne95@stuevans your pathetic!
  • suzy_q1408Please note, as a SickKids employee, it is SickKids when mentioning the hospital. Sick kids mean sick children. So yes, that is what the hospital has, but if you are not going to mention the hospital and not say the hospital for sick children, then it is SickKids. Thanks.
  • karolyn_mac11What a great day at SickKids ! The leafs are all such nice genuine guys. Go Leafs Go!
  • dylanruttan@stuevans wouldn't worry about him faking, because you see, these nhl teams such as the leafs have doctors that make more a year than you will in your entire life there smart ass.
  • dylanruttanAnd just think of how good this kid feels
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