#Caps goalie Braden Holtby coming off the ice after the Caps 6-5 OT/win. #CapsCats
  • capitals#Caps goalie Braden Holtby coming off the ice after the Caps 6-5 OT/win. #CapsCats

  • nick.toscano24Yea now we have a 2 game winning streak lets build on to tht
  • medic6693Keep Holtby in goal!
  • caseydevito@christiancorbin best team in the country
  • flowgator15@jv_man Correction: No one likes dipshits with pink mohawks. C-A-P-S CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!
  • newchampionbabyGREAT COMEBACK!!!
  • giancolodetiBeautiful WIN!!!! Good job guys!! #CapsCats   
  • lizberan6-5!!! @sc00kie
  • i__shannon@lizberan I saw this morning!! Wahooo!! Way to win boys!! :)
  • tyy.mooreYeah
  • holtbeast_70Way to go holtby!!!!!!!
  • el_cheveAwesome guys! Way to pull this Win.
  • whatupsjLol everyone seems to have forgot Holtby let in a 5 spot. Neuvy is the starter.
  • matildawrigsjo@sjlazyboy he did let in five, but the goals were tip ins, boounces etc and not all just "easy" shots. A win is a win.
  • whatupsj@matildawrigsjo yeah they won because the offense was there. Shouldn't have to score 6 goals to win. Holtby has let in 4+ goals in 4 games now, not NHL caliber.
  • flowgator15There was one goal you could maybe really blame Holtby for. The rest were either terrible defense, lucky ass bounces, or both. Neuvirth actually gave up terrible goals last time he played... Which why he got benched.
  • flowgator15@sjlazyboy forgot to tag you
  • whatupsj@flowgator15 Oates pulled him after just 2 goals....hotlby for some reason gets 4 or 5 and is never pulled.
  • whatupsjRegardless both goal tenders have tremendous potential. I just think Neuvy is more capable right now. @flowgator15
  • yo_mans_chris_19@flowgator15 so true HOLTBEAST
  • flowgator15@sjlazyboy Because the number of goals allowed isn't ALL about the goalie. It has to with the defense too, and sometimes with luck. Oates knows hockey better than you do and could see Neuvirth give up one soft goal and one really really really soft goal. Holtby gave up some bad ones earlier in the year, but has played well lately(including the Pittsburgh road game... Came in cold and got freaking ambushed, no defense played by us). We need to stick with Holtby and need to play better defense.
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