@kenzumm geniuslovesmile face looking ass
  • champagnepapi@kenzumm geniuslovesmile face looking ass

  • __dlcI thought that you should know that I love you and your music A LOT ! And my life would be complete if I ever met you and shke your hand..I just love you #biggestfan
  • __dlcWas to meet you*
  • eemilyycYou are truly wonderful drake
  • voydydotlyfylWhy can't you notice me
  • jarredlwebbDem glasses !!
  • tokegang_bubbushPlease read my flows. I hope you like however it goes. I'm dope n not enough people know. Wanna make mama proud n tell her I'm goin pro. I'm be honest. I want the fame n the money. N ill get if I'm lucky. Help me get ahead start on something. Wanna make a platnum record, make that multi @champagnepapi
  • groovy.elaineYour so fuckin sexy bae I love you OVOXO
  • cake.face.putaAnother verse lil Wayne inspired : get an exotic dancer titty fuck her till she get cancer , I ain't pranced , no reindeer but come here and I can make it rain dear, y'all niggahs on that yolo , I say it fuck it I'm immortal got you bitch open like a fucking portal
  • cake.face.puta*prancer
  • slankk__No words.to.say ugh lol :)
  • leeyaslays"Face looking ass" lmaoo
  • missmaynetainU Phunny 2 ... This freakin unbelievable ...
  • missmaynetain:-D
  • ang.putablurred lines 😫
  • littlelizakasweetnessHehehehe
  • deylynn@champagnepapi thank you for an amazing album!
  • _eriibearrYou've been waitin for me
  • abmniBosss😘
  • manelll_Got emmm
  • jsjsmd_dhI swear I love you drake . 😢
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