#Caps captain Alex Ovechkin arrives in Florida. #CapsCats tomorrow in Sunrise, FL.
  • capitals#Caps captain Alex Ovechkin arrives in Florida. #CapsCats tomorrow in Sunrise, FL.

  • rmccrory8@croppz ease up I tagged her on this knowing she would have nothing nice to say. She actually knows more than most men I know do about hockey
  • croppz@melanie_8671 i know hes playing like shit and I know for damn sure that he can play better. I also know he isnt overrated. Why are you going to like a caps page to talk shit?,And I never said that you being female had anything to do with your knowledge of hockey. Typical female, reading into it too much.
  • melanie.meredithHahaha k good luck tomorrow to your team. You'll need it as always. @croppz
  • danielleelisef@croppz agreed! Don't like a page if you don't like the team's page. But for the record there are girls who know a lot about hockey and a lot more that act like they do to get attention.
  • holtbeast_70They better win
  • croppz@danielleelisef oh I know. I have a few girls on my roller team. Never said girls knew nothing about the game. That chick above was just talking blind. Go Caps!
  • kpoole35@colinoleary28 so are the ducks, that's what that big O on your profile pic stands for ;)
  • sperkins12Who r they playing??? ...Tampa??
  • robertfroberg@croppz @melanie_8671 3 new coaches in 3 years. 3 new systems. Sure the Caps could crush the opponents by floating around the blueline igonoring the defensive play like in 2008-2008 and Ovie could get 60 goals. However I do think he's a more complete player now and he's taking more responsibility. Team effort before 60 goals. However, he could show more leadership sure, but he can't carry the whole team on his shoulders.
  • notkeithprimeau@croppz your completely right. Yes, ovi had a slow start, oh well, it happens. He's only 27 and has a lot of time left. I think he might be trying to do more because he's wearing that "c" on his chest. But in no way is he overrated. I think it might be a lack of big plays being made by other players such as nic backstrom. It also doesn't help that semin is gone. But anyways ribero and Brouwer are stepping it up. It'll get better.
  • notkeithprimeau@robertfroberg I agree with you as we'll man. On point with that statement.
  • _a2kLove all the Red Rocker comments. Unfortunately, contrary to red rocker belief, Ovi is but a fraction of the player he used to be. He is a one trick pony that has been figured out by every Top 2 D-men in the league. Worst part is, he has done nothing to adapt his offensive OR defensive game to compensate. For those of you that think he is a complete player, I suggest you watch Pavel Datsyuk and then decide how Complete Ovi's game is. Also in hockey years, Ovi is not young. At this point our only hope is that Oates can help him transition/elevate his game like he did Kovalchuk. If not, he and his salary cap hit will hold this team back from the ultimate prize. Put down the Kool-Aid and start Demanding change from Ted & GMGM.
  • _a2k@melanie_8671 Nice to see someone else thats able to look past the Rock the Red hype and see Ovi for what he is today.
  • steelers_fan_page123Luv him
  • jimmymcquarrieYou guys are haters. He switched sides it will take time to Get used to it. It shouldn't take this long but oh well
  • rcreamer44I love to come on here and read all of this. Its not just ovi thats messed up its the team. But what i love about this page is how many of you talk like you can coach the team yourselves. Just shut up and be glad that hockey is back. Coming on here and talking shit about your favorite teams players just makes you look like am idiot.
  • mattylite_35@rcreams99 you look like an idiot and are an idiot for not coming up with better vocabulary than "shit" and the fact you spell like a dyslexic retard
  • brandenwysongLets go caps #1 baby
  • gerhold16GO FLAMES p.s better record
  • elana.k.hYeahh
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