Thank you for all the love. w/ @lafaye_bell
  • benjamincurtisThank you for all the love. w/ @lafaye_bell

  • elmole01Wishing you the best and a god speed recovery
  • capoj007Strength and determination can conquer all. my thoughts and wishes for you and may your flame shine bright through these dark times..
  • banananordeenThis is news to me. All my love
  • prefuseseventy3my dude shall kick all asses....
  • vajohnaAll of the love and positive thoughts in the world to you, Ben.
  • asreersabe well ben please i love u so much 😢✊💖💕💕💖💗
  • lylatimesYou are amazing
  • sarahjaneonthebrainBenjamin! Sending you love & healing from across the entire USA! Miss u! I know you r kicking ass & taking names 💗
  • veronicastorm13We are all here for you Ben! Sending you all you need to kick that cancer's ass all over town! xx
  • kozcheI hope you will get well soon☆ミ
  • ricvazoliYou will definitely mend; so much yet for you to do!
  • mrksSweet smock
  • heylookitsluissPositive vibes~
  • malfiMucho amor
  • 88aymMy everything goes to you, Ben. I love you, you mean so much to me... All my love+life goes to you right now
  • antonkudinGet well soon!
  • metalliccarnageBe strong, brother. We love you.
  • aocidI beat Lymphoma 3 years ago with no fucks given. Much love and best wishes to you!! Be strong.
  • jessika2001You'll be better soon!! It's treatable! I cross my fingers and toes for you!
  • monique.gilbertMiss you.
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