Visited Sue Paterno at home in Happy Valley, PA for today's @katietheshow
  • katiecouricVisited Sue Paterno at home in Happy Valley, PA for today's @katietheshow

  • e.vuhI was there for the filming of it. Sue did a great job! I loved your shoes, by the way. Who's the designer?
  • amysimp93Would love you to come back to Happy Valley and speak for our College of Communications!
  • addanceokayNice picture!
  • kegbert86The Paterno's are all class!
  • sienna620The interview was fair and balanced. But he was guilty and so was the president of the college. They wanted a winning team with no scandal.
  • cbozzAgree @ sienna620 !!
  • hothompsonI feel bad for the Penn State fans. I went to The University of Alabama and attended a game in Happy Valley a couple if years ago I have never been around nicer fans. The hospitality was incredible. Sandusky is a nasty creep.
  • mytenniscoach9The entire story and facts are sad... for all involved.. Sandusky... is very sick.. it is sad that it was not brought to light earlier! That so many had to be affected.. my heart goes out to Sue Paterno and her family! Coaching is not easy! Joe Paterno must have been a special guy.. given the fact the success he is!
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