• theradavistYeowwww

  • ericbaumann@srstudent sure are
  • theradavist@ericbaumann @srstudent totally forgot.
  • larfinboyWent for Belgiums over TB14s for my Baum because of brake wear. Hard ano better than black though.
  • mattybbikeWhat's the skewers?
  • monsieur_kellyDirty boy.
  • fholgadoI have a pair of Archetypes and was kind of bummed that the anno wore off. Was wondering if anyone else's did the same...?
  • theradavist@fholgado of course the anodizing will wear off. You're braking on it. ;-)
  • theradavist@mattybbike Tune
  • fholgado@johnprolly one can only wish the wheels would stay fly forever ;)
  • cgrayiiNice purp.
  • poopypatAre you kidding? Zipp is the trendiest set of bike parts available. Everyone thinks it's the number one unbeatable set of wheels, look at how it's the first brand you recommend. I'm not saying chris king is everything, I'm saying a custom built set of wheels would do much more good than just buying rebranded sram for ridiculous prices and slapping it on their and assuming you have the greatest track wheelset out there. I'd much rather build my own wheels than buy already complete ones. And I'd say zipp is marketed more to fixie foo hipster kids than chris king with their super deep profile bullshit. They're not even great quality, my buddy breaks spokes on his zipp 808s all the time. Know what you're talking about before you try and talk shit on someone and try and make them look stupid. @samuelcondon
  • poopypat@samuelcondon I should have looked at your profile sooner. You're a super trendy hipster kid yourself with your aerospoke and riding a disc on the streets. Talk whatever shit you want. Your opinion is no longer valid.
  • poopypat@samuelcondon they're his road bike wheels. He doesn't ride like an idiot. They just can't handle the intense climbing he does.
  • theradavistYou guys done? Also, I paid for these wheels. Thanks.
  • doobybrain@johnprolly your final comment here is the best. 👍
  • bruce_hodsonI like turtles.
  • keepalbanyboringI'm going to kill myself after reading these.
  • fyxo#peanutgallery #industryexpert
  • klctvefusionI got lost after "yeowwww"
  • princeofbraddonAmen to @fyxo and @keepalbanyboring
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