Helluva tagteam
  • theradavistHelluva tagteam

  • wheeltalkroadLove the label design
  • jgalaggerI'm a big fan of the Black Maple Hill!
  • sagebrownJust had some of that Black Maple. So good.
  • 10speedcognitionbourbon is a gift
  • stealingawayDrinking some Noah's Mill right now also!
  • metallicaliceBlack maple hill. My favorite .
  • soundsystemloveSo good
  • getpittedsopittedNoah's Hill is delicious and will knock your socks off. Do you dilute it with water John? Rocks?
  • theradavist@getpittedsopitted always neat
  • highfructosecornsyrupI keep black maple hill on hand at all times. It's hard to find except in the fall and is owned by a guy in ca. Noah's mill, Rowan's creek and others all blend it and use caramel to make it sweet. I know a spot around here sitting on 2 bottles. I may scoop one for the hell of it
  • theradavist@highfructosecornsyrup no one puts caramel in bourbon. You cant by definition.
  • theradavistThen it's a whiskey not a bourbon.
  • highfructosecornsyrupMy bad. They use butterscotch I think it is.
  • theradavist@highfructosecornsyrup it's not a blended bourbon. If they add anything to the mash, it must be labeled blended. Bourbon gets its flavor by the mash and the oak, no one adds sugars, spices or other additives to bourbon. And if they do, it's called Blended Bourbon. I avoid those bottles....
  • theradavistIf someone says it smells of butterscotch, that doesn't mean they actually added it, that just means the corn and particular oak used smells sweet. The charring of the oak adds flavors too but no one adds sugars and spices to bourbon.
  • highfructosecornsyrupI totally get it. Here's what I had got that from, and it never says it was used though. "In spite of its affordable price, Black Maple Hill is a nicely smooth bourbon. A 95-proof liquor, it expectedly has a bit of heat but it's met with a surprisingly mellow and dry finish with hints of butterscotch and oak."
  • highfructosecornsyrupI must have read that a while back and took it the wrong way. I could have sworn it was a blended bottle though. Oh well
  • theradavist@highfructosecornsyrup all good. some bourbons have aromas of apple pie but they don't put apple pie in the mash... ;-)
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