Shawn Thornton back on the ice in Black & Gold. #nhlbruins #deuces
  • nhlbruinsShawn Thornton back on the ice in Black & Gold. #nhlbruins #deuces

  • jttomaiko@emilymaulucci @kimberlydegnan How'd that work out for you?
  • b.tennant91Scoreboard says it all to ALL of the sabers fans here
  • rjw401I don't really get why fans of another team would even bother commenting on opponent instagrams, BUT IT SURE IS AWESOME WHEN THEY STFU AFTER A LOSS.
  • rkoslowsky5@pickles2902 WHO WON!!!!!!!!!!! !!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • geoffbay@emilymaulucci @kimberlydegnan you both smell like rotted assholes, fuck ryan millers gay parade and go shoot up some rat poison
  • geoffbayOr start to learn a thing or two about hockey ya dumb bitches, never even laces them up the fuck you knowwww
  • rhodygirl1@zsketchr Exactly :-)
  • miriamashleyBRUINS 💋
  • bruins0070Go bs
  • maxhawk14O yeah thornton rocks
  • collinf08bruins are awesome
  • chute_4My cuzzin knows Shawn Rhornton 😃😃😃😃😃
  • ahmad_shumanYa he's in the nhl
  • chaseriley.22Go Thornton you ROCK!! And a good fighter!!
  • dee_sharpeI love you Thornton!! Bruins baby nuff said ;)
  • ashp_21@zsketchr I was just reading through and I had to say I couldn't agree more with what you said about Thornton, all facts, all true..thanks for saying it! 😉
  • zsketchrThank you @ashp_21 Thorton is one of the best if not the best fighter in the NHL and also a team player too
  • ashp_21@zsketchr I agree 100% he sure is my favorite and he was easily out matched and it was a complete unfair fight like you said so I got pissed with people saying he was a bitch, like he lost one unfair fight and he's a bitch? Wow okay lol so I just appreciated your comment cause you took some words out of my mouth haha 😄
  • herbyhockey22My man!
  • imarinkratNice squirt
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