Official twitter account. Follow me @DesHartsock
  • desireesiegfriedOfficial twitter account. Follow me @DesHartsock

  • jadedavis11Wow I was so convinced it was you! I'm a huge fan :) can you follow @Jade42o on twitter please!! <3 hope your having a good night
  • scoobmomThanks for the heads up!! #youreadorable
  • msbadmosYay. I'm glad 😄
  • stephtweetsThank you for letting us know about your new authentic Twitter account! You have a lot of love and support.  @hartsdesire4
  • yooonicoApparently everyone wants to be you huh? Fake twitters and all! Haha. Have a good night:)
  • dancoronadoI remember hanging with you at the Von Zipper booth at ASR waaaaay back in the day & we were good ol MySpace friends lol. Saw you on a commercial the other day and had NO idea about this bachelor stuff. I don't watch the show, but i hope something amazing comes out of it for you!
  • biddixchris#gettinsocial #newyearnewapps
  • biddixchris@hartsdesire4
  • desireesiegfried@dancoronado haha! I loved working the Von Zipper booth. Thanks! Hope you're doing well.
  • andymommyYay! It's about time girlfriend!!! I'm andymommy
  • elinordixonit's strange that the person who created the tumblr and twitter was often writing about feeling stressed, wanting to hide from media, wanting to quit the sites....but then kept writing...
  • sophienette
  • danger_beckyDesiree! Congrats on being on the show! You look amazing as always. Mike, and I miss you and hope you're doing well!
  • desireesiegfried@will_allen Hii Will! So good to hear from you. Thank you! I hope you are doing well too! Xo
  • margaretann_xoTumblr*
  • apriltom425Des, you look beautiful!! I hope you find true love 💝
  • annie.groverDes! You're amazing! This has easily been the best season of the bachelorette. Still upset over Juan paublo); but I know you'll chose whos perfect for you! Best luck<3
  • joanmoooreIM SO HAPPY YOU ENDED UP WITH CHRIS!! You look so happy with him and you can just tell how much you love him when you two are together. I hope you found the happiness that you always wanted! You are my role model and my idol. Love, Your biggest fan Joan Moore
  • nina.burnssHi
  • saileeyadav*tumblr
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