Salute To My Peeps At Marquee! #Vegas
  • omareppsSalute To My Peeps At Marquee! #Vegas

  • mrs.myraNice!!!
  • thevenster@omarepps how was the cake???
  • chrissakabamma@omarepps just got finished watching "Love and Basketball", you're a gifted actor!!!!
  • therealanaisHola
  • larsonlegris@omarepps !!! Our pleasure having you sir! Congratulations!
  • __unbothered_des__I've loved you since I was 13!!!!!!!! I think I love your movie ❤&🏀 soooooooooooo much... You played your roll soooooo well... I felt it....that movie is filled with sooo much love that everyone can relate are my favorite actor!!!!!!! @omarepps
  • flighttofilmHi Mr. Epps. By any chance, does BrooklynWorks Films need Production Assistants? College grad looking for work
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