Kelly's is getting a makeover! #GH
  • generalhospitalabcKelly's is getting a makeover! #GH

  • _thelocococo_@generalhospitalabc don't change it too much!
  • simplynae83@generalhospitalabc Kelly's won't be the same if u change it
  • a_roberts86An update is good but don't go to extreme!
  • suzyb23Please don't change it too much!
  • caitlinxo8OHHH no😳
  • c.m.t_1227Agreed! Its bad enough the show is going the crazy vampire storyline. Please don't go to anymore extreme's.
  • eileen1292Do not like the vampire story line
  • xo_rara_aveWTF!!!!! Why are they changing ANOTHER set?!?!?! Just kill me -.- -_-
  • unicus_puellaGreat idea! But what isn't is the vampire storyline. GH isn't that kind of soap opera.
  • only_erin"It won't be the same if you change it" HAHA OBVIOUSLY! Because people don't update their businesses and home decor in real life? You people are so dramatic ^^^! I think it'll look great! Woo!
  • nickels95That's what killed the soap Port Charles was because of the vampire story. I don't want that to ruin General Hos[ital too. Please get this going and put it away. As for Kelly's don't change it too much. It's vintage and should stay that way..
  • bamagmaGet rid of the vampire storyline quick! Stupid, stupid, stupid! WTF!!!!!!! Get real again.
  • ladymachoI agree @nickels95
  • risk28Resurrect mikos cassadine !
  • fire_cracker22Vampire story is boring me.. Im not a tween, if I wanted vampires etc, I would watch the twilight series.
  • fire_cracker22Ps I agree don't change the set too much. Some things are just meant to stay vintage. Sincerely, A dedicated fan for over 19 years ( and I'm just 30!!!!)
  • caseyu111Please make the vampire storyline end, i find myself fast forwarding more of the show than I'm watching and it is making me sad
  • beckyb8Noooooo!!!!!!!!
  • daniellerayleneCan I be on the show please ):
  • spontaneous1kieshaLove it.
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