Spent some time today with some new friends at @Stjude children's hospital in Memphis!
  • dlee042Spent some time today with some new friends at @Stjude children's hospital in Memphis!

  • oaklandgodzillaAll-Star on and off the court!
  • nowyourregularprogrammingI love you! 😍 Just thought I should put that out there(:
  • stmizLove this!
  • seannaehring123@dlee042 that's nice you too be thinking about the children and the less fortunate, you seem like a selfless man, 👍👍
  • willsoderlund3Aww
  • me_loves_ju<3 <3 it!
  • deadlyh0pe😍 Keep the scruff David! I love it👍👌
  • kipz_vs_gamingHey @sam_volk you and ass
  • sam_volkno u r @knickfan4life
  • kipz_vs_gamingThen you your a dick
  • bridgetclarkk@dlee042 you're awesome <333
  • davidkadesh@dlee042 your rock man go warriors u motivate me to become a better basketball player every day and u and steph are the reasons I keep watching and I think it is amazing home ambidextrous you are your are definitely the most under rates player in the world in my book ur above lebron and KD because u can pass knock down the mid range jumper and go inside and get rebound and lots more that would take me days Maybe even months to finish. I just wanted to tell you keep playing like you do and forget the Knicks fan because ur the best player in the league and their mad they have u up because ur the best. PS while u are at it could u please folla me and I also really find it generous and nice of you to donate money to ST. Jude's
  • davidkadesh@dlee042
  • thorelick522Z
  • _joewallace@dlee042
  • ranash3banGod bless their little hearts. God bless YOU.
  • s.contSo cute
  • millsgouletteSee this is one of the many reasons David lee is the best
  • melisa_nic@dlee042 they say a picture is worth a thousand words. ❤
  • smmaashleeyAbsolutely admire all the giving back you do for your community! God bless you! @dlee042
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