This is a great pic!!! @MikeTyson on today's @katietheshow!
  • katiecouricThis is a great pic!!! @MikeTyson on today's @katietheshow!

  • theninarussellAwesome pic
  • debvennerI wouldn't watch him if he was the only THING on tv
  • kittenjismYup.. I think a lot of the above white people (usually old) are racist. Because y'all know him personally right?.. Saying all that stuff.. Get it together people.
  • patricejEnjoyed the show today!
  • kkburtI don't think it has ANYTHING to do with his race or mine @kittenjism. The guy was convicted of rape. That's the reason for my personal disdain for him, not because he's black.
  • kittenjismI said above my comment.. but thanks for unnecessarily tagging me. Reading those comments.. And watching the show he was very nice and humble... And I'm not surprised or interested in the fact you think it has NOTHING to do with race. Few people ever feel comfortable assuming something is about race.. Even when it seems fairly obvious.
  • tampagirl70Um, i am still not over the ear bite or the rape. Has nothing to do with skin color.
  • nita_mitchOh my goodness!
  • kenyettad_yayaMike is cool good svu last night
  • janeyrnHe is more of a victim than anyone.
  • corridacI really think he is a good person when went through some things!! He is on the right track!!
  • kkburt@kittenjism Yeah I know you said above. I was standing up for the other posters who you were essentially calling racist without directly saying it. Classy!
  • kittenjismThanks, I'm so desperate for your approval of my amount of class. Thanks for being everyones superhero this evening. Have a good night.
  • kkburtThanks! I am, and you too!
  • faeretechI don't care what color he is, he's a rapist and an abuser of women. So I don't like him either.
  • faeretechI don't like Lance Armstrong either. Liar and a cheat. Has nothing to do with race.
  • kostagram👏👏👏👍💪
  • mrs__morrisonThis woman hasn't asked in 30 years! Go Katie!!
  • julepilloBeauty and the Beast?
  • christianmchoiThank you for representing the University to the best of your ability
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