No, no, no, NO!! Partial apologies if this is any of my followers. 😉
  • cycleboredomNo, no, no, NO!! Partial apologies if this is any of my followers. 😉

  • bahamontesIf I forget my lock, I shoulder the bike and pretend carts are barriers.
  • diamondmarineWhy is this bad besides the bike in store
  • mdrobsId do the same thing if i didnt have my lock. Love my MADONE.
  • carbon337Rucksack and roadbike. Nasty.
  • cycleboredom@diamondmarine Exactly.
  • cycleboredom@mdrobs Madone is for climbing, not shopping. No lock? Find moar hillz to punish yourself. Then go straight home. ;)
  • cycleboredom@bahamontes Acceptable.
  • dirtyroadiewadeThose aisles are prairie width compared to NYC. Try that here and get booted - by the customers!
  • mdrobsMoar hillz....Seattle?
  • off2rideI item @ checkout. The rest is his.
  • r_sotoSometimes you just need to rock a white helmet.
  • cycleboredom@mdrobs My snaark was not location aware.
  • dirt_dropsI've never seen a Trader Joe's that empty in my life. That must be the rare 10 am grocery shopper.
  • cycleboredom@itsacosbysweater Don't know how I was able to take a shot with no one in the frame. Tons of people there.
  • cycleboredom@r_soto Hey, white helmets are pure #prostyle, just not in this case.
  • smilinjoefissioni disagree. if i'm out for a ride and bonk, i'm not leaving a $4000 bike locked up outside (and i don't carry a lock on my road bike anyway). i wouldn't say it should be normal practice. but sometimes circumstances permit.
  • bigdaddytucsonRide what you brought.
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