• sharidianeCracked leather? Amazing.
  • tsubamenoodoriAmazing✨
  • quopperGood lord. Crazy. The first thought I had was that it is the side of a whale where fin meets body - !!! - have you been out swimming with the whales again D? Happy T-day to you - very grateful to know you 😍
  • ocarinaofrhymeWow! These colors and lines are unreal. It looks like tiny deltas are sprouting from rivers. I love this so much.
  • _lynettejacksonNice treatment!!!
  • kb2001Dude, this is VERY cool!
  • fredbandeiraAwesome!!!
  • chaiwallaAbsolutely awesome! And I like @quopper whale idea :)
  • mikemartinezWow! Is it a couch maybe or leather seats?
  • soundtravellerincredible! thought it was a waterfall in pouring rain… 💦💙💙💙
  • oak0404W💙💜w~!✨👏👏👏👏👏
  • thanhthoIs it a whale? 💙💙💙
  • adamsenatoriJust awesome.
  • jonesjanuarymacro well executed. the lovely veins and texture.
  • aleja29Love!!!!
  • jkotterWhat an interesting feed! Thank u for sharing! An following 📷👍
  • joke_cookiescool
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