Bentley riding with pro bmx rider @terryadamsbmx go check out the badass video they shot together!
  • macideshanebookoutBentley riding with pro bmx rider @terryadamsbmx go check out the badass video they shot together!

  • jrrrlrer@gretagramm seriously calling people a whore? I read a comment where you said you didn't deserved to be bullied for stating your opinion, what are you doing right now calling people whores???? Bullying? Who knew a picture could up rage somebody that much!
  • ___gabbyyI think people should have the option of disabling comments on Instagram so they don't have to deal with everyone's crap.
  • don't understand why people have to talk shit online...especially when they don't actually no the person. Get over yourself already!! If you like the picture fine that's great if you don't then why waste your time commenting on it and talking shit?! It's honestly really pathetic that some people like miss @gretagramm have nothing else to do than hate on people they don't know. Keep your mouth shut unless you know @macideshanebookout and are willing to talk shit to her face! And @_biersack_ yes that would be nice to have that option but it would be even better if people can just stop being so ugly.
  • __embellushmentSo cute
  • vanyapuseljaOmg that's where I go to church where the hell was I at
  • kellia21Coo
  • brightonring@danaesonnenfeld
  • ash_pimp14@mattjahner_39
  • mckaylasandifer00i watched it soo cute!! Hes gonna do great things! @macideshanebookout
  • libbylou_hoopCool! My son is 3 and has been riding his 2 wheeler for about 6 months now and loves it!
  • kabryne@gretaagram Maybe you should learn to keep things to yourself. If you not have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. I'm pretty sure Maci didn't put her life on tv to get judged, it was to teach a lesson. She doesn't deserve this, no one does. I find it sad that half of the people trying to tell you that making that choice of posting your comment was wrong seem to be quite a bit more mature than you and quite a bit younger than you. If you've been in a relationship for almost a decade I assume that you're out of high school. You should have learned by now that words do hurt and you never know, she could be reading this. Does it make you feel good to make people feel bad about them selves? I assume not. Be nice and think before you say.
  • gretagramm@kaboner69 Jesus I'm not reading all that. I like Macy I just hope Bentley doesn't end up like Ryan he's a douchebag
  • kabryne@grretaagramm All I was saying is don't judge people you don't know. I don't think she wants that either. I think she's raising him just fine though.
  • chaddegrootThis is incredible, get excited
  • oliviafrances02@kaboner69 yea her mom found an add on Craig's list for t when she was looking for pregnancy modeling,se made her email them and she said why and her mom said hey probably won't even respond and then the next day they called lol sorry I was board and looked threw comments hah
  • sofy_kari@monseedbieber. Tss se parece a luis con carlos alexis :') ya me vi :3
  • monsersolorio@soffikari hahahah :3
  • sofy_kariDi que no? @monseedbieber
  • jazminehood thanks @macideshanebookout
  • tasha_shields0307Did Terry Adams ever tell u he had a sister that loves u me and his use to set on the one when teen mom come and and we always talked about how amazing u was!!! I live in Kentucky not far from Tennessee and would love to meet u @macideshanebookout
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