Took Blake 2 hours to reel this sail fish in
  • rosieTook Blake 2 hours to reel this sail fish in

  • azcactusflowerBeauty!!! Smoked sail fish is yummy!
  • taracampeauRecord time considering the Broken finger and all!
  • cindyharcarSo wonderful you can spend all this quality time with your family. They will always remember these moments. Thank goodness you didn't piss away your money and can afford this time to watch your children grow and actually be there instead of a nanny raising your kids. Blessed
  • misskerry333😿
  • ldstarr18Hope he released it 😆
  • tamslam1Sad...poor fish!
  • bisssyyymom123Awesome job Blake!
  • raytingsPoor fish. He will never be able to understand how delicious he really is.
  • bear2424Not fair to put the poor fish through that horrific struggle.
  • tablet90Great looking fish. Hard work pays off!
  • this_american_lifeWow, @skylar2299 uu guuys really caought tht? Wow
  • meeche72Nice
  • texasmelAnd he caught it with a BROKEN FINGER!! What a Manly Man!
  • bookbabieWoah
  • katecomplikatedAwesome experience!! Nice catch Blake!
  • mia_tooAwesome
  • fulltaSad! Sport fishing is horrible!
  • theresa0577Wow!!!!!!!! How friggin awesome!!!!!!
  • theresa0577AND with a broken finger nonetheless!!!!!!
  • jboom888Wow
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